Who’s who / roles and organisation


FFA has 6 trustees* who are also members of the management group.

Management group

The management group comprises:

  • Chair: Anna Reese*
  • Admin and volunteer coordinator: Alison Bromilow (vice-chair)
  • Bulk fresh fruit and vegetable order: Ros Way
  • Dairy order: Mary Regan*
  • Partner liaison team: Di Swain, Emily Ryan*, Louise Scruton-Evans, Eva Hahn, Mary Regan*
  • Safeguarding lead: Jackie Haskins*
  • Health and safety lead: Mike Wilkins
  • Sainsbury’s liaison: Katie Pester
  • Secretary: Richard Stanley*
  • Sorting team leads: Mary Regan*, Anna Reese*, Alison Bromilow, Louise Scruton-Evans, Maggie Hayes, Vyv Salisbury
  • Strategist: Emily Ryan*
  • Treasurer: Mike Farmer*

Other roles:

  • Newsletter Editor: Jackie Haskins*
  • website and social media leads: Alison Bromilow, Mike Wilkins,

Volunteers group

FFA coordinates volunteers including street collectors through a WhatsApp group where information is also shared about other FFA activities and items of interest


The management team meets monthly. FFA volunteers are free to attend management team meetings.

FFA Volunteer team meetings are held every 6-8 weeks and times and formats varied to allow as many as possible to attend.