How you can help

  1. Start or donate to a street collection
  2. Make a financial donation
  3. Volunteer to help with sorting or driving duties
  4. Join the team to help manage FFA

Start or donate to a street collection

FFA has a number of street collection points. Street collectors bring up the donations they have received on Tuesday mornings to the sorting hub.

See the map for existing street collection locations and get in touch to find out details if you want to donate locally.

Or you can bring your donations up to the Ardagh between 10.30 and midday on any Tuesday.

See the list of items FFA accepts as donations (and what cannot be accepted) here.

If you wish to start a new collection point, please contact us to discuss your idea. We may need to take into consideration the partners’ requirements, the size of the sorting room and the volume of donations and ensure that we can adapt our operation to deal with a larger collection.

For guidance on setting up a new collection hub see here

Make a financial donation

Financial donations are used to purchase fruit and vegetables in bulk at best value prices. Refrigerated goods eg dairy products which require specific handling are also purchased in bulk using financial donations.

Donors are also asked whether they can sign the gift aid form to allow us to reclaim tax, increasing the value of the donation by 25%.

Donations can be one-off bank transfers or as a regular standing order. Contact the treasurer for more details and to set up payments.

Volunteer to help with sorting or driving duties

Each Tuesday, sorting volunteers divide up the donations for onward delivery by volunteer drivers to our partners. Volunteers also help by collecting the dairy order from Tesco Golden Hill and from Sainsbury’s Clifton Down on Tuesday mornings, and taking them to the Ardagh.

see our Volunteer Page for more details

Join the team to help manage FFA

FFA is managed by a team of volunteers who take on specific tasks through a process of distributed leadership. If you would like to help with tasks which are less physical than sorting or driving, like communications, eg newsletter, social media, website, or administration, please contact us.